Technical Consultancy

Unlocking the Potential of Solar Energy

Silisun is a technical consultancy firm that offers a range of services in the PV solar system industry. Their expertise includes in-depth technical due diligence on behalf of manufacturers seeking independent review of their products, technical due diligence in support of financing or acquisition of projects, and independent engineer’s reports for applicants to government grant and loan guarantee programs. Additionally, they offer services such as fatal flaw feasibility assessments, resource assessment, and energy production reviews, which commonly include solar technology, solar resource and energy production estimates, operating and historical performance evaluations, key regulatory and permitting requirements, geotechnical conditions, site assessment, technology assessment, mounting system assessment, land and resource assessment, energy yield assessment, PV plant conceptualization, energy yield prediction, review of evacuation systems, and risk and mitigation analysis.

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Areas Commonly Reviewed

Solar Resource And Energy Production Analysis

Solar technology

Solar resource and energy production estimates

Operating and historical performance evaluations

Key regulatory, permitting, and interconnection requirements

Geotechnical condition

Site Assessment

Technology Assessment

Mounting System Assessment

Land and Resource assessment

Energy Yield Assessment

PV Plant Conceptualization

Energy Yield Prediction


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