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We Are Pioneers In The World Of Renewable Energy


We provide specialized consulting services for PV solar systems.

Project Engineering

Our team of experts offers engineering solutions that optimize the design and performance of solar plants.


Our due-diligence services ensure that your solar project is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Construction Monitoring

We provide construction monitoring services to ensure that your solar plant is built to the highest standards.

Performance Testing

We offer performance testing services to ensure that your solar plant is performing as intended.

Performance Analysis

Our experts provide in-depth analysis of your solar plant's performance to help optimize energy generation and increase revenue.

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Comphresive Services

Silisun offers services throughout the development and life of a project. Our involvement can begin in very early stages of project development or acquisition with fatal flaw analyses and continue during construction, through performance testing and startup, and into commercial operation. We draw on a balanced commercial and technical perspective for a broader suite of services to support pivotal decisions at any point in an asset’s life or technology’s development.


Solar PV


Rooftop Solar


Energy Storage


What We Do!

Innovative Solar Solutions

Silisun works closely with energy majors, owners, utilities, EPC contractors, investors, and lenders to plan, develop, and construct standalone and Renewable Energy Projects and Programs locally and worldwide. Due to the interdependent nature of the business, connected across sectors and geographies, we facilitate our clients with an extensive range of expertise. Our team includes technical engineers, resource analysts, economic/ financial specialists, and project management experts. Our RE services cover the whole project lifecycle.

Independent engineering

Owner’s engineering and advisory services

Technology assessment

Energy production review

Resource assessment

Grid integration and transmission assessments

Construction monitoring

Performance assessment and testing

Operations and maintenance audits

Pro forma development

Expert testimony

Emissions equipment evaluation

Project Appraisals

End-of-life evaluations

Decommissioning planning

PV Module Scrap Recycling

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